Rocks Lake Vase

Informed by natural sandstone formations of Uckfield, Sussex. The geometric and geomorphic base holds flowers, with a mirror reflecting the natural contents highlighting them as they go through their natural process towards decay. Much like the foundations of our earth in which the rocks are formed, it is host to a cycle of growth, an ode to a process that we as humans are so intricately related to. Bringing flowers into the home is one of the many ways in which we try to maintain our innate connection to nature, they elicit a sensory and emotional stimulus releasing chemicals like dopamine within our brain. A response that is also present towards manmade form and the application of natural features within our built environment.

Material: Jesmonite

Ferrous Formation Tables

Sculpted with iron slag rock found in the the mud whilst walking in the countryside of Hamsey Village, Uckfield. A by product of the seperation of metal from raw ore, that is seen as a waste product to a closely knit human to nature relationship. There is a curiosity to its form and crystalline like structure, that follows the same constructional laws that governs us.